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Only Chase the Best Opportunities

Our Link Target Score algorithm floats the best link opportunities to the top of your prospect list to ensure that you don't waste time chasing links that won't improve your rankings.

Proven Link Building Techniques

Identify your keywords, and use our presets to discover thousands of link building and outreach prospects. Use our Link Target Score to sort the good from the bad, and ensure you're spending your time effectively.

Use our Presets to Find Opportunities From…

How it Works

  1. Report type selection

    Choose your report type

  2. Enter your key phrases

    Enter your key phrases

  3. Email potential contacts

    Holy Link Opportunities!

Start Finding Links!

Advanced Tools for Link Building Pros

If you're already finding links like a boss the Link Prospector will help you speed up your workflow. Enter your key phrases and we'll find thousands of results in just a few minutes. Single out your top prospects and easily export them to CSV or Buzzstream.

  1. Limit queries by region, depth, scope, or TLD, and exclude domains

    Take full control of your query parameters

  2. Combine keywords to make massive query lists.

    Use the keyword combiner tool to build massive query lists fast

  3. Speadsheets or Buzzstream

    Export your results and incorporate them into your existing workflow

Additional Features

  • Raven Tools

    Raven Integration

    Export your report data into Raven with ease.

Expert Testimonials

  • When it comes to link building, there are many ways to acquire links. No matter what you do or which vertical you’re in, in order to rank well you need quality pages hosting your links. That’s where using a tool like Link Prospector can help, it will research and analyze a large amount of data before listing potential link partners. It cuts your search time down considerably.
    Debra Mastaler
  • It is one of those tools that’s very good at a single task: finding link targets. Usually, this can be *very* time consuming, so getting a list of 2.000+ prospects for a measly $2 (or even less) sounds like a wonderful deal to me.
    Wiep Knol
  • The nice thing about this tool is that it's designed for a specific purpose; link prospecting. It's not bloated with a bunch of other stuff you may not need and it's easy to use, yet powerful, because it focus on doing one thing and doing it very well.
    Eric Covino
  • The best link building tools are made by link builders, because they know which phases of the process are a bit tedious. That’s why I think Garrett did such a great job with this.
    Jon Cooper
  • Looks good, don’t it? IT IS. The tool is simply fantastic when it comes to discovering link opportunities that you never knew you had.
    Scott Dodge
  • The main benefit of the tool is that it’ll save you countless hours of manually link prospecting.
    Eric Siu
  • Garrett and his team have done an excellent job with Link Prospector. It’s a much welcomed addition to our arsenal of link building tools.
    Jarrod Hunt - CMO/Partner TextLinkBrokers.com

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